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Choco Tale

Once upon a time a spirited lady Nataly, a graphic designer, was searching high and low for wall stickers to decorate the bedrooms of her three little children. She was looking for whimsical and unique designs; art that was brimming with character and charm.

You see, in her book sheer obsession is a good enough reason to start a company. Little did she know what was she in for…

Nataly turned to the mightiest illustrators in the land and those from faraway shores beyond the seas – Helen Dardik, Jillian Phillips, Adolie Day and Carolyn Gavin of the Great Lilla Rogers Studio. Together they crafted the first Chocovenyl collection. Soon enough, and with a good measure of gallant Sir* Guy’s and lady Nataly’s efforts, Chocovenyl came to life.

But that was just the start of the journey; there were battles to be won and countless dragons to be slayed…

There were all sorts of creatures: birds, owls, bunnies and foxes to be tended to and rearranged; princesses, mermaids and fairies to be moved around the castle walls. Three years later the kid’s rooms were complete. Magical movable wall stickers from Chocovenyl puts smiles on the faces of boys and girls all over this land and beyond.

The End …
Well, not really, there is much more to come. New ideas are bubbling in a pot as Nataly and Guy are always searching for all things new and inspirational.

* Please note Guy has not yet been granted the title Sir by Her Majesty but we are  hopeful.

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