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Our Queen’s Jubilee

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Here at Chocovenyl HQ, we have been looking for the best ideas to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee year.

We were after anything a bit different, inspired and “made in Britain”. We wanted something which could capture something about what it truly means to be British. There are so many interesting developments these days which are helping to bring manufacturing back to Britain, reviving the British high-street.

The British designer-maker market is also bubbling with all sorts of wonderful designs. There is a sense of “spring in the air” from your local supermarket’s “made in Britain” produce to the many wonderful and creative designer-maker brands like Thornback & Peel, Naomi Paul, Mason Cash. There are many more which can be found via,, and our fave

It seems like there is a real move to get back to our roots and regain our pride in making, rather then relying on cheap imports and, oh boy!, we have so much to offer.

For inspiration we took a plunge into the creative waters of Pinterest and came up with this wonderful collection:

Jubilee Pinterest

Jubilee Pinterest

We found so many wonderful designs and icons of Britishness. Our favourite trait is the world famous British humour. After all one needs something cheerful on a rainy day.. And who better than Monty Pyton to represent the inventiveness of British comedy. The Ministry of Silly Walks is an iconic image we can’t get out of our heads so we decided to plant it in yours…:

Ministry of silly walks

Ministry of silly walks

Yes, the iconic image of John Cleese doing his silly walk.

It’s from a Monty Python sketch which was first shown on the BBC in 1970. It involves a nameless civil servant walking through the streets of London and doing a variety of incredibly silly walks. He eventually reaches his workplace, where a brass plaque reveals the building to be the ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’.

It is this mix of eccentricity, classical style, respectability and an ability to laugh at ourselves which we think is perfect.  And besides, it just makes us chuckle.

Silly Walks Cross Stitch

And now for something completely different. Here is our own Silly Walks Cross Stitch Wall Stripe . This set has a natural look and will fit many decor styles. Available in black and red stitch colours or black only stitch both on linen look background.

Silly Walks Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch Bunting.

From a distance the cross-stitch looks like an ornate pattern and it is only when you look a bit closer that they reveal themselves to be a dedication to HRH. In contrast to what you think of wall stickers, especially vinyl we like our PVC free fabric art to stand out in a natural feel and texture and also reference a good old craft. Applied in one line adds up to about 1m.

Cross Stitch Bunting

We would like to think that if the Queen were to pick her decoration for Buckingham Palace she’d choose our Cross Stitch bunting..

Just before you off to get ready for your Street Party…

Here is a collection of 33 creative cupcake recipes from Ming, utterly delish! Do look at the cookies and savouries as well!

The photo is from

Easter Round-Up

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Easter is upon us, can you believe how time flies?

I’m welcoming spring and all she brings with open arms and what better way to celebrate her arrival than with a little Easter post.

Boo  PVC free movable fabric wall sticker

Boo by Belle and Boo

This little guy comes from a series of illustrations by artist Mandy Sutcliffe and has been charming the hearts and walls of children for some time now. Boo just adores this time of year. Now, I’m not suggesting he’s the Easter Bunny, but this is his busiest time…

Add some Easter cheer to your walls with this repositionable sticker, £15 . We now offer free shipping to UK, USA & AUS, don’t miss out!

Easter Door Decor

Easter Door Décor

Talking of welcoming spring, why not greet your guests with a little festive door décor.
The umbrella decoration is a rustic nod to April’s fondness for rain. Stuff it with seasonal blooms and some hand-painted egg shells for a delightful Easter adornment.

This is a really easy DIY project that can be made with items you have round the house (and garden).

Full details for making these and more are available at

Easter Eggs with a Difference

Why not try something a little different this Easter? The following recipe is a fun and unique twist on the traditional Easter egg. Make it with the kids or surprise them with a colourful breakfast on Easter morning.

Jello Easter Eggs


  1. 1 box of jelly
  2. 4-6 Eggs, raw

Take 4-6 medium raw eggs. Carefully make a ¼ inch hole in one end of each egg using a sharp needle. Empty contents of egg and rinse shell well, let stand in egg box to dry for 24 hours. Once dry, prepare jelly according to instructions on box, leave to cool for 10-15 mins. Carefully pour the liquid jelly into eggs and leave to stand, hole-side-up in the refrigerator to set. Crack, peel and enjoy! More in detail with lots of pictures here.

Easter Pinspiration

Pinterest is an absolute dreamboat of inspiration, you can plan a wedding, get interior design ideas, pin recipes and find craft DIY’s, all in one place. We’ve been pinning festive Easter images like there’s no tomorrow, here’s a little peak at some of our favourites. You can find even more Easter loveliness on our dedicated pin board.

Pinterest Easter


Happy Easter from all here at Chocovenyl!