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Fairytales with Chocolove

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Thanks for stopping by at Chocovenyl’s blog, a kingdom of mod patterns, bold colours and a good helping of whimsy.

This week I’m thinking Fairy Tales.

” Mirror, mirror on the wall…move over. We need the wall space, because there’s a new princess in town. And something tells me she’s not going to be running away from a wicked witch any time soon, because she looks pretty self-reliant, despite her noodle arms.” – Delilah,

Princess Fabric Wall Stickers by Chocovenyl

Another all-time favourite from a design hero Helen Dardik is Little Red-Riding Hood. I just love a good villain and they don’t come much more villainous than a Grandma-eating Wolf!Red Riding Hood fabric wall stickers by Helen Dardik

Fairytales sink deep into our children’s hearts and stay there forever; teach them the importance of making the right choices, ignite imagination and feature some pretty sassy Princesses too! We wanted to capture the beauty and essence of fairy tales, so we created a selection of wonderful wall stickers to bring a little magic and sparkle to your walls. Head over to our site to see the full range.

Fairy tales often feature the great outdoors and nature; forests, talking animals, poison apples, frogs and fairies, need I go on? At Chocovenyl we want to protect nature and the stories she inspires, which is why our wall stickers are as eco-friendly as possible. They are made with PVC-free fabric, are biodegradable and are printed with eco-inks.

Now let’s have some eco-friendly craft fun.

You can recreate your favourite fairy tales at home with some of these simple craft DIYs.

No Prince or Princess is complete without a crown or two…

Toilet Roll Crown

These photos belong to Lilla A

These little gems are made using toilet roll inserts, so simple and a great way to recycle all that cardboard. For more pictures and information head over to Lilla’s blog here.

Or, perhaps you have some cereal boxes to use up and fancy something a little larger. Follow this link to the amazing  Joel’s blog for a tutorial.

Cardboard Crown

The image is from

For something a little different, how about recycled crayon crowns? Kids can create a right royal masterpiece using these eco-friendly crayons. Or even recycle yours!

Recycled Crayons Crowns

These are from Etsy sellers Mucky Pup Crayons and Crayon Mavens

And for a craft idea fit for a Queen: try this Princess Bed DIY using repurposed cardboard boxes. That same blog post has a great tutorial for a castle too and other brilliant ideas.

Cardboard Princess Bed & Castle

These are from

Your fairy godmother of bare walls and easy bonding Make Do ideas.


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